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Wedding poems and readings provide a personal touch during a traditional, scripted ceremony.

The verses below are varied in length and style – some rhyme strictly, some rhyme mid-line, others are prose. A couple could be read by a child…what an excellent confidence-building experience!

My 13 year old grandson read part of the speech at his auntie’s wedding…never was there such a proud family!

Weddings are a family occasion


Remember This Day

Remember this day!
May it infuse you with the joy of this union,
Warm hearts with the glow of family communion.
Feel the love of friends in their happy greetings,
And forge new bonds with first time meetings.
Remember this day!
Look at the room and the people around you!
See the loving pride that supports and surrounds you.
The happy smile, the teary eye, the childhood memories, the wistful sigh
Remember this day!
And when life’s storms roar and rage, 
Recall this moment, turn back the page –
Feel once more the love you share,
Know that love will always be there.
Remember this day!
For today you’re bound by promises made,
Vows of marriage that will never fade.
And whenever clouds shroud your way….
Always look back – Remember This Day!

“Remember This Day” lends itself to a child reading those three words before each verse with an adult reading the verse…and a conjoined reading for the final Remember This Day.

A Sacred Flame

May the vows you exchange on your wedding day
Warm your lives together in every way.
As your onward journey as a couple starts
Let love light a candle deep in your hearts.
A flame to unite you, a sacred spark,
A flame which will gently glow through the dark.
A light in the window, a smile from afar,
Your love shining bright as evening’s first star.
When the paths you walk are narrow and tough.
When you stumble and fall, when the road is rough,
Feel for the hand you are now holding tight,
And guide each other through the blackest night.
And know that tomorrow, the sun will rise,
For you’ll see it in each other’s eyes
No matter what storm clouds come along
You’re together, forever, loving and strong.

A Boy Met A Girl, A Girl Met A Boy

A boy met a girl and he saw more than her smile,
He saw a lifetime of possibilities,
A woman he would love,
And a soul he recognised from a time he had forgotten.
He sensed the sweetness of her joy,
The force of her wrath – 
And adored her for both.
A girl met a boy and she fell into his eyes,
His steady gaze spoke of courage and trust.
She saw the man he would become –
A man strong enough to lose some battles,
With a heart that would carry them both to safety.
A boy met a girl,
A girl met a boy,
And here they are together, today,
Joined by Holy Matrimony. 
But their hearts joined the day they met.

A Sacred Vow

A sacred vow
An exchange of rings
With all the joy
That a wedding brings.
A radiant Bride
A dashing Groom
Whilst friends and family
Fill the room
To celebrate 
This special day
And bless the couple
On their way.
Wedding rings are part of almost every marriage


May God look down upon you now
And bless your lives together.
May the angels sing for joy
And fill your hearts with love forever.
May your home be full of peace
And days that ring with laughter
And may you live from this day on
Happily ever after!

A Fairy Tale Wedding

Once upon a time
In an enchanted land
Lived a pretty girl
And a handsome man.
They met one day
And danced awhile,
He fell in love
With her radiant smile.
They walked and talked,
He took her arm
He stole her heart 
With his boyish charm
He asked his girl-
“Please share my life,
Marry me
And be my wife?”
They booked a date
And said I DO!
With the power of love,
Fairy tales come true!


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