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What are Sacred Tree and Holy Well prayer poems?

Sacred Tree and Holy Well Prayer poems are akin to Tibetan Prayer Flags. They are left in the open air to gradually disintegrate and spread their words and sentiments to the heavens. Unlike prayer flags however, prayer poetry is personal. The poem’s meaning can encompass all life force, or just a small part of one person’s journey.

The poem can be a private plea or an expression of gratitude. Or whatever you need it to be.

Prayer poetry is usually left at sacred places where many souls have come for healing, celebration or enlightenment over the ages. Trees at sacred places or Holy Wells are often adorned with poems and clouties.

What are clouties?

Clouties are a strip of coloured cloth representing the sentiment or emotion of the individual. There is a tree at Avebury which flutters with inscribed slips of paper and coloured cloth tied to its branches. Find out more here.

Holy Wells and springs are places of communion with the spirits of the under and upper worlds. By this, I mean feminine, nurturing dark and masculine strengthening light. Yin and yang. Where better to leave a prayer than a place of nurture and strength?

Be mindful of those we share our space with!

Always write the prayer on paper; the idea is that it succumbs to the forces of nature. And never ever ever laminate it! Your intention will be forever sealed away from spirit in a plastic cage. Clouties should be of natural material – cotton for example – as it biodegrades well. Bear in mind that not everyone appreciates what they deem to be litter. Be mindful of their opinion and make offerings small. Your prayer will still be received!

There are many Prayer Poems and Blessings below. In time, I may categorise them, but for now, they just follow each other as if blown on a summer evening’s breeze. You are welcome to choose one for personal use – I send it with love. I ask for only a small offering in return, the price of a cup of tea maybe. There is a Paypal button.

My gratitude to you. Trudi

Please note that I retain copyright for all my work whilst allowing much of it to be borrowed for personal use. © 2021

Prayer Poems and Blessings:

For Peace

Gentle breeze, please take this prayer
Lift it high into the air,
Spreading love on wings of light

Mother Earth

Your sacrifices let us live, 
We've taken all you have to give
This prayer of gratitude is sent 
With heartfelt, loving, pure intent
May we treat you with due grace
More as a MOTHER, less of a place. 
Hawthorn and Oak are sacred trees. Prayer poems are often tied to these.

Parted with love

We parted in the midst of strife,
But now that the dust has settled in your footprints,
And the sound of the slammed door is silent
I miss you. 
The anger I felt is now regret -
I pray my words will find your heart
And see that I still reside there,
As you are held in mine.  

Wind Blown

North Wind - blow your strength into my prayer, 
Take it far into the hidden depths of the darkest forest.
East Wind - give my prayer speed, take it fast and sure
Towards the hearts of those who need it.
West Wind - lift my prayer to the heavens,
Take it high into the clouds and let them drop its love to earth.
South Wind - gently whisper my prayer to all,
Touch them with your warmth.


Great Spirit, 
Look down onto your troubled children
And breathe your peace into their hearts.
Show them the beauty of your world.
Teach them understanding of each other.
Whisper your words of wisdom into their ears
So that they may live as one, undivided by war.