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Children enjoy funny poems and they learn better when they are engaged and enjoying it. FACT!

Encouraging a child to love the written and spoken word is giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. Learning that words are friends, not something to fear makes a massive difference to their future.

Stimulating a child’s imagination improves their problem solving skills and makes them deeper thinkers. It broadens their view of their world and makes them more accepting and understanding of the lives of others.

Reading begins with listening. Children like rhyming, witty words which make them smile. If that gives them “special time” with a parent then even better! Those invaluable moments spent with a child leads to bonding and trust. And will lead to confident independent reading in time.

Some of my poems facilitate communication between children and adults. “What Colour Do You Feel Today?” can open a window to what a child is feeling. It may prevent a melt-down!

Here are some short, snappy poems which children will enjoy. I am sure they will encourage further reading. It could inspire a child to want to write their own!

Poems for Children to Enjoy

What Colour Do You Feel Today?

What colour do you feel today?
A lively red or dreamy grey – 
Black like the sky at night
Or a brilliant yellow filled with light?
A shimmery puddle reflecting the sky
Filled with tears that the storm clouds cry?
Are you a royal purple, proud and strong,
Or a little white cloud just floating along.
Perhaps you’re calm, a rich deep brown -
Or darkest blue with a darker frown.
You may feel orange, full of fun
Bright green if you want to run and run!
Are you sparkly silver like a star…
How you feel is what colour you are!
So look around you as you play – 
What colour do you feel today?

A man on the moon

There’s a man on the moon
With a smiley face
I wonder what it’s like
To live in space.
He must look at the stars
As they twinkle at night
Like thousands of diamonds
A wonderful sight!
The man on the moon
Is my friend you see
I tell him my worries
And he listens to me.
I don’t hear him answer
Never a word
But I see him smiling
And know that he’s heard.
He watches me sleeping
All through the night,
So I can feel safe
And know I am alright.
So if you are worried, 
Talk to him too…
The man on the moon 
Could be friends with you. 

There’s a cat in the corner

There’s a cat in the corner
She lives in our house
She’s never caught a bird
Or a snake or a mouse.
She sleeps in the corner 
In her favourite chair
Never moving,
She’s always there. 
But during the night
When nobody knows
She slips out of the cat door
And quietly goes
Through the garden
Along the street
And under the streetlamp
Where the kitty-cats meet.

There’s lots of meowing
And sharpening of claws
With friendly greetings
And shaking of paws.
They chase round the hedges
They jump and they play
Then they come home in the morning
To sleep through the day.

Driving my car

Where shall I drive my car today?
Shall I go to town?
Maybe I’ll drive right up a hill
Then turn and come back down.
Perhaps I’ll drive so quickly
That I’ll go up to the sky…
My car can be an aeroplane 
With wings so it can fly! 
Where shall I drive my car today?
Perhaps I’ll do some shopping?
Shall I drive to see the moon
Then come back without stopping.
Perhaps I’ll drive to Santa’s house,
Or underneath the sea
All the little fishes
Will want to swim with me!
Where shall I drive my car today?
Maybe up a tree,
Where all the little birds
Will sing a song to me.
Shall I drive along a track
And race the fastest train,
I can stop at every station
And shelter from the rain. 
Where shall I drive my car today – 
I can drive around the street
And call out “HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?”
To everyone I meet.
My car can take me anywhere
Near, far, high or low,
I just put my feet on the pedals
And OFF I GO! 
Children enjoy poetry driving my car


I love blowing bubbles
They float up so high
I watch them going
Up into the sky. 
The pretty colours 
All gather together
And make me a rainbow
To brighten the weather. 

I love weather

I love the sunshine
It brightens the day,
When it is sunny
I can go out to play. 
I love the rain
It falls from a cloud
I jump in the puddles
And laugh out loud. 
I love when it’s windy
With the air rushing by
I flap like a bird
And pretend I can fly.
I love the frost
The world glitters like gold
All shiny and sparkly
Icy and cold. 
I love when its foggy
As the world seems to hide
Wrapped up in a blanket
With just us inside.
I love when it’s dark
And the stars start to shine
They twinkle in the sky
A magical time.
I love a storm
Hear the thunder yell!
And watch for the lightning
I like that as well! 

Numbers rhyme

One sun in the sky, one little cloud floating by.
Two feet on the ground, footsteps make a tapping sound.
Three trees full of leaves, dancing on a mountain breeze.
Four Paws on the floor – kitty walking in the door.
Five digits on each hand, thumb and fingers make a hand.
Six eggs in a box, careful not to let them drop!
Seven colour rainbow bright- such a special pretty sight!
Eight legs on a spider with her lovely web beside her
Nine ducklings in a row, swimming, splashing, watch them go!
Ten toes on your feet, watch them wriggle to the beat!

I will add to this page so pop back!

If these little poems have made you smile and have given you time with your child, would you consider buying me a cup of tea? There is a button where you can give a small donation. Thank you x

In a previous role, I was a Dementia Care Coach, helping care staff understand those with dementia. A huge passion for me is bringing that understanding to the younger generations.

Children have enormous reserves of compassion and acceptance if only they are given the information in an engaging and appropriate way.

And the children are our future!

I have written a short book with children’s poems about different situations surrounding dementia. The title “Why Doesn’t Granny Know Me Now?” actually came from a child’s question to his mother. Each rhyme comes with explanatory text suitable for children from age five.

Of course, each situation is different but the most important thing is that communication begins.

When a parent is looking after someone with dementia, the children can have questions that that parent cannot answer. Or worse, the child has questions that they dare not ask. THIS PAGE pre-empts those gnarly ones as well as giving an honest and easy to understand response to most questions you’ll be asked.

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