Messages of Condolence

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Writing messages of condolence can feel awkward. How can you express your sympathies without causing further distress?

Here are some original sentences and verses which can give you ideas of what to say.

This is a site in progress – there will always be more added to each page. Look in funeral poems for more ideas.

In a world which doesn’t make sense right now, remember I’m here to listen.
 When the silence is too much to bear
 Always know that I’ll be there
 To listen or shed a tear or two
 Or just to share the silence with you 
I pray that soon the empty space
 Will be filled with God’s soothing grace
 And He will gently heal your pain
 Until the day you meet again.
We cannot carry the weight of your pain for you,
But when you need to share the burden for a while, we are here
There is a light at the end of the tunnel,
It is reaching out to you.
Allow it to filter through the cracks in your heart and heal your pain
When it feels that loneliness is your only company
Remember I'm here.
Messages of condolence. Snowdrops - gentle reminders that spring follows winter - that life continues.
We are so sorry to hear of your loss,
And hope that you are comforted by your many happy memories.
When you feel that half of you is missing, 
Remember that you are a whole person
And that _______ loved you for who you are. 
We sympathise with you on your loss and wish you comfort from your many happy memories. 
Remember too that we are just a phone call away.
May your memories keep you warm during this difficult time. 
Never doubt that the sun will shine again, the clouds will part,
Your memories will sooth your pain and heal your heart. 


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