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I am a mother of three with a growing tribe of grandchildren. I consider myself blessed that I have never had to compose funeral poetry for a child. However, I remember talking to a lady of 99 who had buried two of her children – albeit in their sixties. She told me

No-one should outlive their children”

I cannot imagine what it is like to have to let go of a child, I count myself very fortunate in that. However there are so many who do, and finding words at such a time is impossible. To want to scream and rant at the universe for the injustice of life and yet to have to hold it together for the sake of other people – I salute you. My heart breaks for you. And I know that that is of no comfort – your grief is yours and no-one can carry that burden. Don’t let anyone tell you how it should be done; you will do it your way and that, for you, is perfect.

Following are some small verses which could allow you to attempt to express your own emotions poetically at the funeral of a child.

Bless you!


You Were Our Wings

Like a bud that never flowered
Or a caterpillar who never grew wings
Your life never blossomed.
But, Little One, always know that you were our flowering,
You were our wings.
We saw the universe through you
And you will live on through us. 

Until We Meet Again

Little One
We thought your future was with us
But the Angels called you home
So we had to let you go.
We will hold you in our hearts
Until we meet again. 

Holding You

I only held you for a short while
And letting you go broke my heart.
But the bonds of love are strong
And as long as my heart beats,
I will hold you inside it. 
So we can rest and heal together,
Together we will grow.
And when I smile, you will smile,
When I laugh I will feel your laughter too. 
And when I cry, I will feel your hand reach for mine
To tell me that all is well. 
Funeral poetry for a child. Letting a child go is the most difficult thing to do.

The Raindrop

Every life is as a raindrop, 
Weaving its way from the mystical cloud towards the ground.
Hitting the earth as running water, tumbling and raging until it returns home.
Or as a gentle soothing balm which nourishes and cools as it goes.
Some raindrops bask in the sun, lighting the world with a rainbow.
You were such a raindrop,
And the world is a greyer place without your colours. 

The Seasons

Like a bud in spring,
You came to us ready to blossom into a summer flower.
But, for you, autumn came early,
And the promise of blooms faded away.
We are left with the cold depths of winter,
Numb with icy pain.
Rejoice in the sun little one
And when we meet again, we can walk amongst the green meadows,
And laugh in colour-filled heavenly gardens.

A Golden Dawn

Your smile lit up our lives -
A golden dawn which banished night.
But The Lord called you back into his arms
And, like a bird, you took flight. 
On angels’ wings you soared towards home
Free of suffering and pain,
Leaving us with memories
Until we can hold you again.
In that gloried, heavenly realm
The Lord will mend each broken heart
In another golden sunrise
Never again to part.

Fly High, Little One

Like delicate spring blossom
You made the tree of life a special place,
But you were destined to leave us
And you flew free in the warm breeze
To realms we can only dream of.
Fly high little one,
Laugh with the winds, dance in the rain.
Brush the hearts of those who need comfort
With a silky petal and the scent of hope.
Kiss their tears away with your smile.
Be the Angel you were born to be.


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