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The birth of a child is one of the most poignant moments in life – these poems express that. That tiny, helpless baby that melts your heart – and creates so much disruption! Poems can express your feelings at this wondrous time.

Most of my poems will be about the future and how each child should be encouraged to spread their wings and be who they need to be. That’s a bit of a soapbox for me! I have my three children, a step-son and four grandchildren (and counting)…my dearest wish for them is not riches or power, simply that they live their best life and are happy.

Listen to the best sounds in the world – like a babbling brook, or a singing bird –

they hold elements of a child’s laughter.

Birth Poems – inspirational poetry for the start of a new life

A Bud Uncurling

 You were born, a bud unfurling,
 Opening up to life, uncurling.
 Reaching up to touch the sun
 Let the light in, little one.
 Dance amidst the golden rays
 And let them warm you all your days. 

The Tiny Seed

 Little One
 You hold a tiny seed in the palm of your hand,
 Nurture it and watch it grow into the flower your soul cries out for you to be.
 Follow the scent of that bloom all your days,
 Wherever it leads you.
 Shelter from the storms under its iridescent petals
 And know that it is fed by the rain.
 Keep its colours in your heart,
 And spread its love to all you meet. 
 Little One,
 You hold the universe in the palm of your hand.  
Birth poems, a new life with endless possibilities. Piano lessons at 7 months

Through Your Eyes

 I looked at you through my eyes and saw all that you will face,
 And I swore I would protect you in this harsh and cruel place,
 From the troubles that will find you
 The cares that haunt your sleep,
 The regrets you’ll leave behind you
 Bad company you may keep.
 The choices that you’ll have to make,
 Mistakes along the way – 
 Or voices that will lead you along
 A road that’s named “Astray”.
 I looked at you through my eyes and saw all that you will face – 
 But then I saw through your eyes and saw to a wondrous place…
 A world of opportunity, a world where you are free,
 And I saw your eyes were open – my eyes were shut to what could be.  

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