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Poetry is a wonderful platform for opening up life’s wounds and allowing them to heal properly.

Carefully chosen words can pour oil on the most stormy of waters, or they can ignite Hades’ fires. A poem can give an emotion wings and allow it to soar. A verse can be the inspiration to walk on or the strength to say STOP!

Poetry for every occasion

I write poetry for all of life’s occasions – birth poems with heartfelt wishes for the life of the little one, right the way along time’s corridor to funerals.

There are also suggestions for condolence messages to help you express your sympathies.

You will also find wedding poetry and readings.

My “Girls’ Talk” collection explores the lives of women of my age. We have a lot to say but mainly only say it to each other!

One area of life which is very difficult to put into words is the death of a child. I have a few short verses which may give you a voice. Funeral Poetry for a Child.

I love the idea of Prayer Poetry. On my travels as half of the Motorhome Hobos, I have visited many sacred sites.

Hanging and fluttering from trees are cloutie rags and handwritten prayers. The prayers are left to disintegrate and spread their gratitude or request to the heavens.

A peculiar speciality is dementia poetry…particularly for children. Kids relate to the rhyme and rhythm of poetry, especially if there is an element of humour along with bonding with a trusted adult. Use my poems to open lines of dialogue about a very sensitive matter!

My EBOOK, Why Doesn’t Granny Know Me Now? opens the door to effective communication between children and adults about dementia. Three engaging and fun rhymes will attract their attention and create a safe space for children to ask the questions they really want answered.

And Life Poetry is where the stuffing all comes out! Life can be wonderfully bright and beautiful…she can also be a bitch! Mainly I write about the latter! There’s going to be something that resonates with you here.

Picture poetry

Ebook, talking about dementia to children


A National Day of Reflection? That’s what poetry is for!