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Poetry is expressive language – painting with words. It is an art form where the picture is truly in the ears of the listener.

I had considered writing a blog for this site but what would a poetry blog be about? Initially it seemed impossible to write a diary for poems. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that a blog would give me the chance to explain some of my passions and share inspirations.

Poetry blog. Sometimes the world seems upside down

Sometimes the world just seems upside down – I write about that too!

Poetry can be inspired by the big events, but more likely it is an overheard word or a random sight which develops into a thought which simply MUST be written about poetically. A blog could unwrap the behind-the-scenes roots of a new poem. Or explain why I write about a particular subject.

Read some of my pictures here!

I also find that what drives me is a desire to have a voice, to be allowed to express myself. A blog post can do that too.

Painting with Words

A poem is a delicate masterpiece, the transient touch of a butterfly wing on a summer’s day. A blog post is more akin to crude street graffiti with the directness of a stone pitched towards a window. There can be no mistake what a blog post is about, there is no hidden meaning waiting for a quiet moment to reveal itself. No “a-ha! “ moment…it is in your face and proud to be so.

Actually, some of my poems are “in your face and proud to be so”. I tend to tell it as I see it. That sometimes gets me into trouble!

I write about what I see and hear. I heard many life stories as a by-product of a previous job role. They are de-identified but written about on my site as my way of making sense of what I heard. My calling was to listen, never to pass judgement, never ever to give advice. Indeed how could I advise people whose life path was not my own?

And I suppose that some of my poems are my way of calling out the inner demons who haunt my innermost self.

Poetry for Children

New to my site will be Children’s Poems.

I was lucky as I had some inspirational English Grammar teachers who gift wrapped a love of language and wrote my name on it. Children need to be infused with a hunger for story and verse; it cannot be forced upon them.

Imagination is such a powerful tool – charge the batteries whilst they’re at their most receptive.

It grieves me that poor grammar and misused punctuation litter our reading matter nowadays. In fact, reading seems to be almost a thing of the past. Ask for information and one is directed to a Youtube video. Rich, expressive language with a varied vocabulary is a truly beautiful art.

I am particularly passionate about bringing mental health issues into schools; dementia is my “thing”. It is something that many of us will face – and the younger generations will have to pick up the pieces.

If they have learned about dementia and understand how it impacts and changes the individual, they will already have developed a level of compassion and empathy along with the technicalities. They won’t fear people with dementia.

People with dementia…PEOPLE is the important word there. The person, not the dementia. Read more here.

So that is a first blog post – getting a website going was a major step forward for someone who feels out of her depth with technology. Having static home pages and a blog page, SEO, widgets et al will need writing about when I can comfortably sound like I know what I am talking about!

Paint with words – what colour are you today?