Artificial Intelligence – The End Of The World?

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Artificial Intelligence…the end of the world as we know it? Maybe!

I have little intention of using this wonderful invention.

What are my reasons?

I have several:

  • A sense of unease. Could this be used for political gains or social manipulation?
  • I have heard that it is not trustworthy – it makes up what it doesn’t know.
  • I dislike cheating.
  • A fault of mine is resistance to change – often to my own detriment.
  • I fear that Artificial Intelligence will lead to de-evolution of our brains.
  • We will not need to think for ourselves – imagination a thing of the past
  • Our current call for diversity will be lost amidst the fog of standardisation
  • And one huge personal reason! Read on.

Yes, I am a bit of a technophobe…I was happy enough with pen and paper. Then much to my surprise, I began to prefer writing electronically. I admit I was wrong, although my handwriting has suffered.

And yes, lesser forms of AI have existed for decades. But what is exploding into our lives right now is more powerful and invasive than any predecessor.

Oh- and yea- I like science fiction movies! Many of those paint a dark future with “Human versus Machine” wars so perhaps I am pre-programmed to be wary of “the machines”.


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The Macabre Poetry of Horror and Death: The 1953 flood

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A seven feet high wall of water smashes across open marshland towards single storey prefabricated houses where unsuspecting families are sleeping. The roar of approaching death is drowned by the chilling howl of a January storm.

The water crashes into the fragile buildings, ripping some from their foundations and toying with them as a cat plays with prey before hurling them together, dispassionately watching them break apart. Others, inundated, filled with freezing sea, giving the slumbering souls inside no chance to escape.

A horror movie, shot in moody, melodramatic monochrome?

No, this was Felixstowe, Suffolk in January 1953. Real life. Real people.

How The 1953 Flood Happened

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Poetic Texts – How Loving Words Are The Sharpest Sword

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Poetic texts are beautiful heart stopping messages when you receive one from the love of your life. Knowing that each word was chosen with care makes it so much more of a loving message.

We’ve all sent romantic messages which we would not want anyone other than the recipient to see. Private expressions of love and lust. Flirty wordplay. Pleas and promises.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are blue….You Love Me and I Love You

Harmless exchanges between two people.


But when those same poetic texts get released into the public domain, they suddenly seem cheap and embarrassing. Loving words lose their rosy glow and reveal the gaudy plastic beneath once exposed to the glare of ridicule and analysis.

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