Whole Life Poetry sets life to poetry. Or brings poetry to life. Not just normal life, but the pinch points through which we must all pass. It is Occasional poetry, that is to say- poetry for occasions.

You will find poems about your life, and poems about other people’s lives.

Whole Life Poetry. Alton Water reservoir, a perfect place for composing poetry
Sitting in nature inspires me to write

In Whole Life Poetry you will find:

Life Poems

Life is a poetic dance…a tragic ballet, performed on a crowded stage. Poems can reflect your thoughts back at you. Or they can open your eyes to what you had not noticed was there right in front of you. Life Poetry is for each and every one of you. Life poetry puts life into words.

Birth Poems

The birth of a new baby is one of the most poignant times in the life of a family. I write birth poems to try to encapsulate some of the emotions that this tiny person exposes. I am keen to inspire and encourage children to become whatever their soul cries out for them to be.

Children’s Poetry

Children learn better when they are engaged. Fact! Giving a child a love of words is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow. Poems Children Will Enjoy are funny poems about life. There may be a sneaky bit of education but mainly these are designed to amuse and invite further imagination.

Wedding Poems and Readings

Wedding poems can add a personal touch to the traditionally scripted ceremony. Here you will find rhymes, prose and readings – some of which could be read by children…something to make the day truly special.

Dementia Poems

You will also find content about dementia – a condition that finds rhythm and rhyme difficult. Why is dementia on a poetry site? Because it is something we don’t talk about enough! So, I write dementia poems to help people understand it.

I particularly want to explain dementia to children. After all, they are our future.

I have written an ebook, Why Doesn’t Granny Know Me Now? which uses rhymes and accompanying text to demystify dementia for children. Most importantly, it helps start conversations between adults and children about dementia and family issues.

Also, I have pre-empted, and answered, seventeen questions that children may ask about dementia. And thirteen questions that they may have but dare not ask. It is my mission to make the lives of those with dementia less difficult. And also to improve the understanding of dementia of the rest of us. Dementia must be given compassionate and positive consideration. We need to talk about it!

Funeral Poems

Speaking of things we don’t talk about enough, I write funeral poems ! In my working life, I went to many funerals and was deeply touched by the raw emotion of some of the poetry read. I decided I wanted to create Occasional poetry. Please look through and choose one for personal use when you have the need – my condolences to you.

Messages of condolence can be difficult to compose. Here are a few suggestions to help you express your sympathies.

I have added Funeral Poetry for a Child. Few of those will rhyme – it just feels wrong as surely nothing can rhyme at a child’s funeral! However, in time, there will be a few that do in celebration of the blessings that children bring.

Girls Talk

This is where the wheels come off! Girls Talk is an exploration of all things girly – this is where the anger, the frustration, the mid-life-menopausal-rubbish all drops out. It’s not an attack on men…face it girls, they are doing their best to understand THE most complex living organism ever…US!

Sacred tree and Holy Well Prayer Poems

I also write Prayer Poems. These handwritten supplications are left hanging at sacred sites to disintegrate and spread their wish or prayer into the air. If one I have written touches you, please feel free to use it.

Poetic Photography

A picture paints a thousand words –

I use my own photographs to inspire poems and prose. One photo can have several stories – it all depends upon what is lurking in the shadows. Poetic Photography may persuade you to see a different picture altogether!

Poetic Humour

Humour is often a matter of taste. I have poor taste but I think I am funny. Sometimes. Poetic Humour is your way of finding out if you agree!

Short Poems

Poetry can be too long and wordy for many. Think of a seven course meal where each is a delicious dish but by the third, you are sated. Short poems are the appetisers if you like – small morsels for those with little appetite. They also don’t have room for happy endings – or otherwise. Often the reader is given permission to compose their own endings.

If my poetry touches you in any way, I would love it if you left me the price of a coffee and a bun as the encouragement to carry on. Thank you. Trudi

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